Master's Degree Programs

Keller Graduate School of Management's master's degree programs, designed for busy professionals, create leaders for today's evolving business environment.

At Keller, we know that every theory taught in the classroom must be applicable in the workplace. You'll earn a master's degree while applying your knowledge in the business world. All programs are taught by practicing professionals -- and all theories and concepts readily transfer to the workplace.

You can transform your future... and still meet full time job and family commitments.

Choose the degree program that's right for you*:

* Program availability varies by location

Master of Business Administration

In Keller's flagship Master of Business Administration program you'll learn solid management concepts you can use immediately. The curriculum emphasizes practical skills and concepts that businesses demand from today's management professionals. Our wide selection of electives lets you customize this 16-course program to suit your personal and professional interests. Concentrations are available in diverse disciplines.

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Master of Accounting and Financial Management

As a student in Keller's Master of Accounting and Financial Management program, you can earn a master's degree while preparing for professional certification exams. Through this concentrated curriculum's three specialized tracks, Keller students can pursue certified public accountant (CPA); certified management accounting (CMA); and certified in financial management (CFM) or chartered financial analyst (CFA) certification while gaining a solid background in key business disciplines - as well as an educational credential - critical to success in today's business world.

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Master of Human Resource Management

In Keller's Master of Human Resource Management program, you'll learn concepts and skills for making the most of your company's human resources. Specific HR competencies covered include training and development; strategic staffing; labor and employment law; managing organizational change; compensation and benefits; and leadership and team building.

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Master of Information Systems Management

In the Master of Information Systems Management program, you'll earn a master's degree while building high-tech skills - a solid educational combination invaluable in today's job market. The curriculum expertly prepares you to succeed in IS management career positions, projected to be among the fastest growing through 2006. Concentrations are available in Distributed Systems Management, Electronic Commerce and Large Systems.

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Master of Project Management

If you'd like to perfect your management skills in a technical environment or increase operating efficiencies, Keller's innovative Master of Project Management program is for you. You'll learn how to develop projects and communicate their value; outline performance objectives; determine task, budget and resource requirements; provide effective leadership; and promote an environment that motivates team members and resolves conflicts.

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Master of Public Administration

Keller's Master of Public Administration (MPA) program prepares you to manage organizations where the bottom line is public service, not profit. Public administrators manage nearly every aspect of public service - at the federal, state and local levels - offering you an opportunity to help shape the future. Choose one of three management emphases: government, nonprofit or public health. The curriculum combines theory and practice for a comprehensive public administration education with emphasis on solid leadership.

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Master of Telecommunications Management

It's an exciting time for telecommunications. Keller's Master of Telecommunications Management curriculum provides the right balance of technical concepts and management expertise, making students and graduates of the program invaluable in this fast-paced field. You'll learn about developing technologies and implementing them to best meet the needs of your organization.

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